Plastic is everywhere, that’s not new news. You’re probably sitting on something made of plastic right now, or wearing something that contains plastics.

One of the main problems with trying to solve our world’s plastic issue is that there are so many solutions being sought after in small-scale settings (ie. within a company’s own space). While it is important that people are redesigning their own systems, there is still the need for the system to be changed as a whole.

Because the issue is rooted in the system, and not individuals, the key…

When navigating new frameworks, concepts or systems we always face two key challenges.

1. What do we get out of it and what do we have to contribute to making use of it? (Content 🚗)
2. How do we navigate the infrastructure and what are all the moving parts that require my attention? (Infrastructure 🛣️)

I had the same challenge when Dame Ellen MacArthur gave her famous TED talk “The surprising thing I learned sailing solo around the world” almost 5 years ago.
In summary sailor, Ellen MacArthur circumnavigated the world on her own. She came back with new insight…

One of our missions for TGW is to help people find ways to increase revenue for their business through the circular economy.

A major barrier to organizations adopting more circular business strategies is not knowing how to reconfigure their business for it. Even after learning bout the CE and deciding to partake in it, the last step of actually making the change is where people steer away.

The Ellen McArthur Foundation and IDEO came out with a Circular Design Guide to help people find ways to redesign the world to be more circular. Part of that guide covers a simple…

I asked GPT-3, Open AI’s AI language model, what it believes the biggest barrier to the circular economy is. Its answer was very straightforward:

This is crucial to define circular strategies, products, models, and opportunities. With one standard language across all industries, the chance to understand and collaborate for a circular economy will become much easier.

To add to this sentiment, I think it’s also very important to highlight how the difference in language, as well as the definitions of terms, has an effect on people’s perceptions.

For example, most people have a good…

Our Miro board for an experience mapping session

Over the last week, our team has been going through a workshop to help us with the creation of a new part of our product. Seeing as this is the first time our team has participated in a workshop together, there is a lot to learn and reflect on.

These are some of our takeaways so far:

Breaks are necessary every hour or so, no matter what time of day it is for participants.

Our sessions include 4 participants from 4 different time zones, so you can imagine how all-over-the-place our team may feel when we pop onto the zoom calls to start our session.

One of us is waking up at 5 am while another is…

By Sarah Smith

In 2018 Fashion Nova was one of the most Googled brands in the world along with the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton. But contrary to the luxury brands, Fashion Nova is a fast-fashion retailer whose clothing averages around a price of $30 USD and whose press articles are riddled with scandals and backlash.

By Sarah Smith

Six pieces of steam-bent wood, ten screws, and two nuts. All it takes to start the rea of mass furniture production.

You walk into IKEA excited about the prospects of finding simple, cheap, yet nice-looking furniture. You then return home with your new furniture either knowingly ready to tackle the labyrinth of an instruction manual, or unknowingly expecting to build your new set of drawers with ease. Either way, you can’t ignore the significance of being able to buy furniture in such a casual manner.

Ikea has become synonymous with assembly furniture, but the origins of what…

By Mica Pfeffer

“I landed my dream job in the midst of a world pandemic” — I remember telling my friends as soon as I signed my contract with FLF.

Yet the last two weeks felt somewhat different. Unmotivated and somewhat confused I started to wonder: what changed? The enriching conversations and the excitement of being at the beginning of the creative process were substituted by numbers, spreadsheets, and implementation.

“What am I doing?” — I thought to myself once, or maybe twice.

I wanted to be asking questions, wondering ‘what if’, thinking about the endless possibilities, and making possibilities…

By Sarah Smith

My interview with FLF Product Design was the first time someone had focused on me instead of my resume and skillset. It makes sense why this is important when hiring if you are passionate about the long term vision for your company.

A resume only looks back, it doesn’t look forward to what it is what you want to do or want to achieve. If you’re bringing someone to the team to help build your company and drive more value into your vision, their personal passions must motivate their work.

When I go into a job interview…


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