10 questions for the circular economy!

5 min readFeb 3, 2021

When navigating new frameworks, concepts or systems we always face two key challenges.

1. What do we get out of it and what do we have to contribute to making use of it? (Content 🚗)
2. How do we navigate the infrastructure and what are all the moving parts that require my attention? (Infrastructure 🛣️)

I had the same challenge when Dame Ellen MacArthur gave her famous TED talk “The surprising thing I learned sailing solo around the world” almost 5 years ago. https://www.ted.com/talks/dame_ellen_macarthur_the_surprising_thing_i_learned_sailing_solo_around_the_world?language=en#t-1324
In summary sailor, Ellen MacArthur circumnavigated the world on her own. She came back with new insight into the way the world works. And she proposes a bold new way to see the world’s economic systems.

Since then I’ve been trying to introduce aspects of her views into our work. No matter what it was, there was always an element of CE I wanted to introduce. Today our main goal is to facilitate that new way of seeing the world’s economic systems. And I found these 10 questions helped me to get the basics right.

1. What is the Circular economy?

It is a model in which materials are used over and over again. For example, in nature, plants are used over and over again as they decompose into the soil. In the Circular economy, products are designed for disassembly, with easy repair and remanufacturing, and components are shared in an ecosystem.

2. What is the difference between a product, a service, and a system?

A product is something you can touch and feel. A service is something you cannot touch but can feel. A system is something that is happening in the background to make the service happen.

3. What is the impact of the Circular economy




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