Are Resumes Preventing Companies From Achieving Their Long Term Vision?

2 min readAug 4, 2020


By Sarah Smith

My interview with FLF Product Design was the first time someone had focused on me instead of my resume and skillset. It makes sense why this is important when hiring if you are passionate about the long term vision for your company.

A resume only looks back, it doesn’t look forward to what it is what you want to do or want to achieve. If you’re bringing someone to the team to help build your company and drive more value into your vision, their personal passions must motivate their work.

When I go into a job interview I’m prepared to be asked questions about my past work experiences, examples of when I’ve used my skill sets, past successes, past challenges, and more questions about what I have done.

With FLF, the conversation focused entirely on what I want to do. We talked about what my visions and ambitions for the future are, what kinds of things I’m passionate about, and what I want to do about them.

Hiring for passion and value fit, rather than pure skills, stimulates a team to work together with greater purpose. Our team is built off the philosophy of “different minds but similar mindsets.” This allows us to work towards common goals with enriched perspectives and ideas.

I wasn’t hired just because of my vision for what change I want to make in the world. After understanding how my goals could help reinforce the company’s goals, I was then tested on my skills.

They are both important parts of the process, but which part are you focusing on?

I understand that not all companies and industries can focus on aligned vision over skills. But what benefits would you gain if this hiring approach could fit in your company? Or what kind of a difference would it have made in the way you work if your hiring process was focused on your personal vision?

About the author:

Sarah is our community manager, working closely with partners and community members to help us transition to a circular economy. She also runs our product community for TGW — a free design thinking and innovation platform for tomorrow’s changemakers and entrepreneurs. You can request access to our community by reaching out to Sarah via email




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